Euphoria Pre-Exercise Evaluate: David Laids Pre Has Euphoric Vibes?

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Euphoria is a strong pre-workout coming from Euphoria Dietary supplements.

It is laborious to search out pre-workouts which might be formulated properly by influencers.

However David Laid did shock us with Euphoria 2.0.

David Laid is a fitness center shark athlete that began this complement firm. 

Though the primary model wasn’t simple to advocate, the two.0 model is rather a lot higher however it nonetheless has some downsides. 

We’ll break down the label under however in order for you a fast abstract…

You are doubtless higher off getting both Wrecked or Hooligan in order for you euphoria. 

Hooligan is the stronger model for temper enhancement, and Wrecked additionally has eria jarensis, making it much more efficient for euphoria. 

When you simply need stim-junkie, and powerful pre-workouts, then try this record


Wrecked by Big Vitamin

Wrecked is among the few pre exercises with 8g of pure citrulline and it packs over 30g of substances per serving.


  • Huge doses of nitric oxide boosters
  • Lengthy lasting pumps and vitality
  • Enhances temper

8g Citrulline, 4g Hydromax, 3.5g Beta Alanine, 3g Betaine Anhydrous, 3g Malic Acid, 1.5g Agmatine, 1.5g Tyrosine, 600mg Alpha GPC 50%, 600mg Lion’s Mane, 196mg Himalayan Pink Salt, 75mg S7, 10mg Black Pepper Extract

250mg Caffeine, 250mg Eria Jarensis, 150mg Theobromine, 100mg DiCaffeine Malate, 1mg Alpha Yohimbine

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Euphoria 1.0 Elements

The primary model of Euphoria was completely not price attempting.

Simply take a look at this formulation…

Much like different pre-workouts that come from influencers, Euphoria promised rather a lot however actually did not supply a lot.

It had some unique substances that made it stand out like oxiracetam and pterostilbene caffeine. 

However actually it was severely underdosed, lots of the substances weren’t dosed excessive sufficient to see advantages.

The main target and vitality, particularly the euphoria, weren’t what it was hyped as much as be. 

There’s some excellent news although as you may see within the second model of Euphoria under…

Euphoria 2.0

In comparison with the unique model, Euphoria 2.0 has gone by some main upgrades.

The substances are significantly better, and there are many nitric oxide boosters in there. 

Here is the label under…

It appears to be like much like Gorilla Mode by Derek over at Extra Plates Extra Dates.

The most important improve in comparison with the unique is the nitric oxide boosters. 

Whereas they’re correctly dosed, it makes use of a short-lived model of PEA, which is meant to assist with temper.

However the results are very short-lived.

This is the reason pre-workouts use eria jarensis, and so they might even mix with PEA nonetheless however eria jarensis alone goes to supply higher euphoria than common PEA (DL-Phenylalanine).

My Evaluate of Euphoria

Make no mistake, Euphoria 2.0 is sort of robust. 

With 400mg caffeine together with 100mg Dynamine, it will get nearer to being a sophisticated consumer’s pre-workout, though it is not fairly there but. 

The nitric oxide boosters listed here are excellent, with 10g citrulline, 3g Glycerpump, and 1.5g agmatine, the pumps are fairly good. 

And the vitality is powerful. 

In comparison with Gorilla Mode, Euphoria 2.0 is slightly bit stronger because it feels extra like a high-stim pre-workout. 

I am not normally one to evaluation taste, however if you’re delicate to flavoring, you have to be conscious that Euphoria 2.0 might be the worst-tasting pre-workout I’ve had. 

However given it is David’s pre-workout and that he is nonetheless studying, I would not advocate avoiding it simply due to the flavour. 

Though the title known as Euphoria, nearly any pre-workout with eria jarensis will give higher euphoria and temper enhancement than Euphoria 2.0.

The explanation for that is that phenethylamine has some impact on dopamine however it’s shortlived. 

It lasts actually round 10 minutes so it does not stand an opportunity towards one thing like eria jarensis.

Whereas Euphoria 2.0 is nice for exercises and has nice vitality, the temper enhancement is not there and there are higher choices for temper enhancement. 

Citrulline (10g)

In relation to most pre-workouts, they begin with this one ingredient. 

However the distinction between all of them is the dosages and varieties. 

Some will use citrulline malate at 6-8g, or pure citrulline at 4-8g.

However very hardly ever we’ll see an enormous dose on the higher restrict. 

David went with an enormous 10g citrulline dose in Euphoria. 

That is the higher restrict and research have proven something extra would not be efficient. [1]

And citrulline is rather more efficient at rising nitric oxide than common arginine. 

Research have proven citrulline can enhance nitric oxide whereas arginine will not in any respect. [2]

With extra nitric oxide, you may get extra advantages for power, higher ATP manufacturing, and improved work output. [3, 4]

In relation to dosing, there must be a minimum of 3g of citrulline to see advantages or 6 grams of citrulline malate. [5]

So with this 10g citrulline dose in Euphoria 2.0, count on large enhancements in endurance and pumps.

Malic Acid (3.4g)

Malic acid is generally included already with citrulline when it is citrulline malate. 

When it is used alone, it has an essential function within the Krebs cycle which is the principle supply of vitality for cells. [6]

Research have confirmed citrulline malate can facilitate cardio respiration, making extra vitality out there for intense train. [7]

Malic acid is a really underrated ingredient as it could assist the physique make the most of fats, carbs, and protein for vitality. 

One other bonus good thing about malic acid is that it could assist with flavoring. 

And the three.4 grams here’s a fairly large dose.

Glycerpump (3g)

Elevated hydration, higher stamina, hyper-saturated muscle tissue, and long-lasting pumps…

That is what glycerol can do. 

GlycerPump is a premium patented type of glycerol, which yields 65% glycerol content material. 

That is considered one of our favourite substances as a result of it could induce hyperhydration, which may be very helpful for athletes, together with endurance athletes. [8, 9, 10]

It really works by rising the quantity of fluid that our physique can maintain. 

These are the advantages:

  • Reduces coronary heart price throughout train [11]
  • Will increase time to exhaustion [12]
  • Improves endurance and high-intensity efficiency [12]
  • Enhances hydration [12, 13]
  • Reduces urine output and free-water clearance [14]
  • Improves the physique’s potential to chill when exercising in a sizzling local weather [15]
  • Improved endurance by as much as 24% [12, 16]

To not point out the superb profit that glycerol could make muscle tissue look fuller and higher. 

The consequences additionally final for days after you have saturated your self with this one ingredient. 

Euphoria 2.0 additionally has an enormous dose of glycerol at 3g, making it very efficient at what it is presupposed to do.

Betaine Anhydrous (3g)

Betaine works equally to creatine as it is also an osmolyte compound.

It really works by imposing mobile construction, making them stronger towards stress.

Whereas glycerol can enhance the fluids retained by the physique, betaine can assist regulate the water steadiness in cells. 

It could actually additionally scale back homocysteine as a result of it really works as a methyl donor. [17]

Homocysteine is dangerous as a result of it could enhance well being issues like coronary heart assaults and stroke, in order you possibly can think about it is used as a biomarker in terms of measuring cardiovascular well being. [18]

Betaine also can enhance endurance, and anaerobic capability, in addition to help with Kreb cycle effectivity. [19, 20]

It will additionally assist with oxygen consumption and research have discovered its advantages to work inside simply two weeks. [21]

Agmatine Sulfate (1.5g)

Agmatine is a improbable nitric oxide booster with a number of advantages. 

Not solely can it enhance arginine manufacturing however it could scale back the breakdown of arginine by inhibiting the enzyme arginase. [22, 23]

Euphoria is giving us a two-in-one combo as citrulline can enhance nitric oxide ranges whereas agmatine can hold these ranges excessive by sustaining excessive arginine ranges. 

Agmatine by itself can nonetheless enhance nitric oxide manufacturing by upregulating nitric oxide synthase. [24]

It additionally has mood-enhancing advantages as it could operate as a neurotransmitter by mimicking. [25]

Having mood-boosting substances in our pre-workouts can assist with motivation and can assist us keep centered. 

There are extra mood-enhancing pre-workouts that may be present in our record of strongest pre-workouts

DL-Phenylalanine (1.2g)

In relation to mood-enhancing substances, this was one of many go-to substances earlier than 2017. 

That is as a result of, after that 12 months, a brand new ingredient surfaced within the complement business, eria jarensis. 

The issue with common Phenethylamine (PEA), it could enhance dopamine ranges however just for about 5-10 minutes. [26, 27, 28]

The temper increase from PEA is short-lived, to say the least. 

Though it could enhance and produce extra dopamine, it does not final lengthy.

So in terms of the “buzz”, eria jarensis is rather more superior as a result of it lasts for much longer. 

Caffeine anhydrous (400mg

Now we get to the true enjoyable half… 

Euphoria 2.0 is a excessive stim pre-workout, however not on the stage the place it could meet our stim-junkies record of pre-workouts.

Caffeine has tons of analysis and it really works very quick. [29]

It cannot solely increase anaerobic exercise however cardio as properly. [29] 

Caffeine can operate as an adenosine antagonist, stopping it from taking place. [29]

Adenosine is what makes us really feel drowsy and drained as a result of it could decelerate mind exercise. 

Caffeine will stop adenosine from binding to these receptors. [30]

In relation to boosting efficiency, caffeine is among the only and researched substances to take action. 

Alpha GPC 50% (400mg)

Alpha GPC is a premium choline most well-liked for power features and muscle measurement.

It is in a position to cross the brain-blood barrier, which makes it operate as a precursor to acetylcholine. 

Acetylcholine is considered a studying neurotransmitter as a result of not solely can it assist with reminiscence and a focus however it could additionally enhance alertness. [31, 32, 33]

Alpha GPC is an intense type of choline that may additionally work for fats burning, as it could assist your physique use extra dietary carnitine. [34, 35, 36]

Carnitine can promote fats for use as vitality to your exercises. [37, 38, 39] 

Choline performs an essential function within the mind, so being poor on this ingredient can enhance the danger for a number of issues like non-alcoholic fatty liver illness, cognitive dysfunction, and extra. [40, 41, 42] 

However the dose right here is slightly below the usual of 600mg. 

At 50%, you are solely getting 200mg, whereas you have to be getting 300mg to take advantage of out of it.  

Methylliberine (100mg)

Here is one other stimulant in Euphoria. 

Dynamine, or methylliberine, is a harder-hitting model of TeaCrine.

It is made immediately from caffeine however as a result of it has a barely completely different construction, it could cross the blood-brain barrier, which probably makes it impact temper.

Dynamine hits laborious at round 45-60 minutes and lasts for round 3 hours. 

Since it is a stimulant that could be a little completely different than caffeine, it really works in synergy when it is mixed with different stimulants. 

It could actually enhance vitality and focus equally to caffeine however it really does not have the identical adverse influence on sleep. 

Bioperine (10mg)

Bioperine works by enhancing the absorption of the substances it is taken with. 

It is a black pepper extract that is dosed right here fairly properly at 10mg, whereas different dietary supplements sometimes use the minimal dose of 5mg. 

Because it has piperine, a robust antioxidant, it could inhibit abdomen enzymes which break down the substances earlier than the intestinal wall can take up them.[43, 44]

BioPerine additionally has advantages for fats burning. 

Piperine can promote the manufacturing of glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4), which is utilized by muscle cells with glucose uptake. 

When this capabilities correctly, blood glucose is saved below management and may have a optimistic influence on metabolic well being. 

It even has research the place GLUT4 overexpression can reverse insulin resistance and diabetes in mice. [45]

This ensures you are getting probably the most out of the substances that Euphoria comprises.

Huperzine (400mcg)

Euphoria has an enormous dose of huperzine at 400mcg. 

Huperzine works properly by working together with Alpha GPC (or any choline-based ingredient).

As a result of Alpha GPC can enhance choline manufacturing, huperzine can naturally inhibit acetylcholinesterase, the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine. [46]

It is going to assist hold choline ranges elevated after Alpha GPC boosts them.

It additionally has advantages for decreasing mind circumstances like Alzheimer’s illness. [47]

For focus, huperzine is a should. 

Last Phrases

Euphoria 2.0 is a good pre-workout for vitality and pumps. 

Nevertheless it’s not the best choice for euphoric, temper enhancements. 

It does properly in that it could present extra vitality than Gorilla Temper however it does not have something helpful to boost temper apart from the short-leaved PEA. 

We advocate trying out these pre-workouts.

David has carried out properly for his second model of his first complement so we’re excited to see how he improves Euphoria.

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