Dwelling Alone: May Anybody Actually Survive These Boobytraps?

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Blow Torch to the Head

With temperatures reaching a whopping 2,000 levels Celsius, poor Harry would have suffered first diploma burns, necrosis (tissue demise) of the cranium, and potential demise. You’ll want greater than just a little pile of snow to type that out, mate.

Paint Can to the Face

It turns on the market’s 3000 kg of drive behind these swinging paint tins – ‘like a three-tonne van slamming into you’, in line with Dr Zoe – which might have left the Moist Bandits with cracked skulls, mind injury, damaged noses, extreme whiplash, damaged tooth and (our outdated good friend) possible demise. Not less than they lined one of many above accidents within the movie, with Harry’s beloved gold tooth going lacking.


Poor, silly Marv and his huge electrified skeleton face didn’t stand an opportunity. He will get zapped with 240 volts, which in actual life would trigger cardiac arrest, extreme pores and skin burns, burnt inner organs and possible demise. Or, within the phrases of Physician Zoe, ‘What Marv skilled was sufficient electrical energy to kill somebody. Pleased Christmas.’

Pink-Sizzling Door Deal with

Harry was most likely asking for it after threatening to chew Kevin’s fingers off one after the other, however nonetheless this 326-degree red-hot door knob most likely triggered second-degree burns, a destroyed dermis and dermis (the highest and center layer of Harry’s pores and skin). In brief, some severe ouchies.

Zipline Fall

Because the saying goes, ‘it’s not the autumn that kills you, it’s the sudden cease on the finish’, and that’s precisely Harry and Marv’s drawback, as apparently they’d have smashed into that wall with 14 tonnes of drive. The consequence? Effectively: damaged limbs, cracked ribs, punctured lungs, broken inner organs, lack of tooth, cracked cranium and virtually sure demise. Which may, although, have ended the movie on a little bit of a downer.

So how may Harry and Marv have swerved these deadly accidents in the event that they’d been real-life bandits? Dr Laughlin has some very fascinating theories involving a baking tray, a nappy, some meat and extra on tonight’s documentary – though we’d most likely simply keep away from burgling homes, if we’re trustworthy.

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