Impartial Considering Is Now a ‘Nationwide Safety Challenge’

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This story is about two issues. On the one hand, it’s in regards to the abysmally shameless “info dysfunction” that the bullies invented to construct again — I imply, bully — higher. However, it’s about therapeutic whereas in the midst of being bullied and subjected to issues which can be abysmally unfair.

First, let’s speak in regards to the infamous “disinformation dysfunction.” The phrase is a poisonous little synthetic nugget of language designed to be a psychological weapon in opposition to free expression. It “recontextualizes” free expression as a criminal offense in opposition to “our democracy.” (Wait, whose “democracy” is it?)

The phrase “info dysfunction” frames impartial pondering as a “nationwide safety concern” and a psychiatric analysis. The aspiring masters neglect point out that impartial pondering can solely be framed a criminal offense in a world that’s run by malevolent predators and supported by their neurotic victims.

Predator Framing

Talking of “abysmal.” If you wish to stare into an abyss, right here is an Intelligence Squared US Debates panel on the “Data Dysfunction.” By the best way, after watching it, you’ll need to bathe. I’m not kidding. It’s that soiled.

Psychiatric Prognosis?

And right here is “disinformation dysfunction” outlined as a mix of a social concern and a psychiatric analysis. Grated, what I’m quoting is only one insane “research” out of Nepal from 2020 — however someone did settle for it for publication, and it’s sitting on the NIH web site!

“Many people could also be unknowingly affected by info dysfunction syndrome. It’s extra prevalent as a result of digitized world the place the data flows to each particular person’s telephone, pill and pc very quickly. Data dysfunction syndrome is the sharing or growing of false info with or with out the intent of harming and they’re categorized as misinformation, disinformation and misinformation.

The severity of the syndrome is categorized into three grades. Grade 1 is a milder type wherein the person shares false info with out the intent of harming others. Grade 2 is a reasonable type wherein the person develops and shares false info with the intent of earning money and political achieve, however not with the intent of harming individuals.

Grade 3 is a extreme type wherein the person develops and shares false info with the intent of harming others. The administration of this dysfunction requires the administration of false info, which is rumor surveillance, focused messaging and group engagement.

Repeated victims on the Grade 1 stage, all victims from grade 2 and three ranges want psycho-social counseling and typically require sturdy laws and enforcement to manage such info dysfunction.”

And we all know that this isn’t simply idea as a result of the oppression is from horizon to horizon. For instance, when courageous Dr. Meryl Nass had her license suspended, in addition they ordered a psychological analysis!

And one other factor. If we go along with the logic of this “research,” then inevitably, the query arises: Are the individuals like Tedros and Fauci and Daszak Grade Two or Grade Three offenders? Are they merely making an attempt to revenue, or are they making an attempt to hurt individuals? Which one is it? Who has the reply?

Personally, I get fed up with this “conflict is peace,” and “up is down.” I used to be born within the Soviet Union. I do know what it’s all about. Nothing good for the individuals! However wait, it will get extra loopy.

“Misinformation” as a Major Causative Agent of Vaccine Harm

Like I wrote lately on my Substack, here’s a “research” “claiming that the uncomfortable side effects of the protected and efficient COVID injection consequence from … watch for it … misinformation. In response to the authors, scared little buggers get strokes and coronary heart assaults and blurry imaginative and prescient after vaccination as a result of they’re … scared.”

“Please inform it to Maddie, the kid who enthusiastically enrolled into the Pfizer trial and ended up crippled (and deserted my Pfizer). Please additionally inform it to my two private mates who enthusiastically acquired the injection, one almost died the identical day, and the opposite one remains to be severely injured. My coronary heart is bleeding, and my blood is boiling.” Here’s a quote from the outrageous piece of propaganda, masked as a “research:”

“Misinformation perpetuated by the anti-vaccination motion could also be inflicting extra deaths and uncomfortable side effects from any vaccine. A mini overview of printed literature has been performed and located that psychological stress clearly causes vasoconstriction and arterial constriction of the blood vessels.

Subsequently, if topics are panicked, involved, harassed or petrified of the vaccination, their arteries will constrict and develop into smaller in and across the time of receiving the vaccine.

This organic mechanism (the constriction of veins, arteries and vessels beneath psychological stress) is the almost definitely trigger for the place there was blood clots, strokes, coronary heart assaults, dizziness, fainting, blurred imaginative and prescient, lack of odor and style that will have been skilled shortly after vaccine administration.

The acute psychological stress of the affected person may almost definitely be attributed to the worry mongering and scare techniques utilized by varied anti-vaccination teams.”

The place can we go from right here?


The intensive bullying does two issues. On the one hand, it crashes freedoms straight. However much more treacherously, it serves to create a psychological situation wherein we find yourself barely hanging by our souls, all the time beneath stress, all the time a little bit disconnected on account of all of the yanking, too drained to stretch our hearts and arms to the solar and honor our spirits.

When the individuals are barely hanging by their souls, too drained to be complete, it is a perfect situation for the darkish ones to vampire something they’ll come up with. And that’s on objective. They super-squeeze us in order that we don’t have the vitality to withstand, and even to consider resistance.

Final month, I wrote an in depth article in regards to the supersqueeze and the altered state we might enter once we are subjected to extreme squeezing. Right here is how the supersqueeze was used throughout COVID:

“Within the early COVID days, Blackrock and mates did a three-punch (a hundred-punch, actually) assault.

Whereas the media arm of BlackRock and mates completely ‘jammed the channels’ with 24/7 worry porn — their ‘hospital administration influencer’ arm enforced the protocols and the ideological pondering that saved zero lives and really took many lives away — thus making the ‘COVID pandemic’ way more terrifying than the one they tried to drag off in 2009 — and their pharmaceutical arm made financial institution from the pressured ‘mass product adoption’ of a reasonably shady product, which was drastically assisted by the truth that all of the channels designed for processing ‘adverse’ stimulation have been so completely jammed by the 24/7 worry porn and, in some locations, sadly, by many pointless deaths (I’m in New York, and the deaths have been actual) that the ‘receptor’ to course of the warnings in regards to the ‘COVID response’ or the COVID ‘vaccines’ was not free to do its job.”

“It was jammed. Jammed over jammed over jammed. And so lots of people screamed: ‘The masks and the vaccine are the methods out of this supersqueeze, the supersqueeze I can’t take.

I don’t need to hear anyone adverse factor about it, I can’t take the supersqueeze, so simply give me the masks and the vaccine. Now. NOW. And shut uuuuuuuup!!!’ Disgrace on the fearmongers who purposely jammed the channels. Disgrace on them.”

Towards the Thievery

All tyrants are thieves. Thievery is their enterprise mannequin. When given an opportunity, they attempt to steal vitality in several types: land, property, freedom, independence, and on the root of it, they attempt to steal the inalienable connection every of us has to our personal non secular powers.

That, by the best way, was the rationale why the power-hungry elites and the politicians of the previous — blasphemously so — selected to faux to be representatives of the sacred spirit on Earth whereas in actuality being mere grasping politicians.

That was why they labored so laborious to decimate and slander the so known as “pagans,” very similar to at the moment, they’re slandering and decimating he “antivaxxers.” What they wished to destroy was the impartial connection to the sacred, the connection that’s from the Creator and that doesn’t require institutional approval.

It took me a few years to comprehend what they did however as soon as I noticed it, it turned cynically clear. Identical to the COVID methods, when you see it, you may’t unsee it. And that, by the best way, is one factor that we, the descendants of so many slandered harmless individuals, have to straight out to cease the Nice Resets from taking place, in earnest.

Slandering and abusing harmless individuals isn’t cool. All of us have ancestors who’ve been slandered. There must be fact. There must be justice. We’re all related to the non secular powers on the very core of us, the Creator is love, the universe is made of affection, the crap that exists is to provide us a chance to train our free will, and varied institutional slogans are a human invention and a advertising trick by tricksters.

The Therapeutic Arc

Now, I need to speak in regards to the arc of therapeutic whereas in the midst of oppression. That is one thing that I’ve personally explored as a result of abuse I’ve encountered earlier than COVID (I used to be in an abusive marriage, a protracted and ugly story with a great ending) — along with the abuse we’re all going through now.

On the logical stage, therapeutic in the midst of oppression looks as if a job that defies all logic. However, talking from expertise, after you have gone via it, you study that excessive discomfort is the strategy that life makes use of typically to drive us to develop into greater than we knew we have been, to rise above our ache as we work to take away it, and to develop our souls within the course of.

And it solely is smart after the soul has grown sufficient to know the large image. And then you definitely look again and exclaim, with nice pleasure: “Wow, that’s what it was all about! Wow, that’s superb! I’m so blissful!!!”

And by that point, the ache is gone. Gone, gone. All healed, however you are actually stronger, extra grounded in your lovely soul, and you may smile ear to ear as you stretch your arms and your soul to the solar and simply really feel that feeling, the fantastic feeling of aliveness.

And sure, the deliberate mistaken doers are 100% answerable for their mistaken doing. I imagine that once we are grounded, the mysterious powers information us easy methods to deal with the wrongdoers, and easy methods to shield ourselves from their scamming.

I can let you know what works for me to take care of bullies. A honest prayer. Honest in essentially the most child-like sense.

You possibly can speak to God, to your ancestors, to the upper non secular powers nonetheless you are feeling them in your coronary heart, and don’t fear about formalities. No have to attempt to sound sensible or correct. Simply speak how you are feeling.

Cry out to the skies along with your troubles, and confusions, and errors you assume you’ll have made, ask for recommendation and steerage, and anticipate nothing however love on the opposite finish. Nothing however love. Identical to a guardian who is just not damaged would by no means be merciless to the kid who perhaps has even made a multitude, the upper powers are usually not right here to punish us. They respect us so long as we respect our souls.

Therapeutic is a mysterious course of. It doesn’t reside in the identical quarters as mental logic. However we’d like it. We want it all the time, and particularly now. Right here is my prayer.

I pray for the therapeutic. I pray for all of us, free individuals, to straighten out our spines and to recollect who we’re, with dignity. I pray for us to leap out of the entice and to attract our vitality from the reminiscence of being cherished kids (even when we have to return and love ourselves throughout as a result of maybe our childhood wasn’t excellent).

I pray for a reconnection with our good ancestors in order that they’ll information us to develop into complete, for actual, with out pretense, complete like we have been born to be.

We all the time deserved to be cherished kids. All these lies, all that harm, it was a mistake.

The great factor is, errors will be fastened, and therapeutic will be all-encompassing and full.

It was by no means proper to steal from us.

It was by no means proper to steal our confidence and the significance of our spirits.

It was by no means proper to steal our connection to the Earth.

It was by no means proper to steal our dignity.

It was by no means proper to steal from us.

It was by no means proper to steal our significance.

It was by no means proper to look via us with out seeing us.

It was by no means proper to deliberately or unintentionally abuse us.

Could we shake off all of the ache, all of the abuse, all of the neglect!

Could we heal. Could we heal the soonest! Could we reside nicely the soonest!

We’re love.

I forgive myself for all of my previous stumbling utterly. I come from love, and my love is legitimate.

I say so, and I ask my good ancestors to assist.

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