One of many world’s largest lasers might be used to detect alien warp drives

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Scientists have proposed one other use for the world’s largest gravitational wave observatory: scanning for the ripples in space-time left within the wake of gargantuan alien spaceships.

Gravitational waves ripple out when objects with mass transfer by means of house. Larger objects — resembling planets, neutron stars or black holes — produce extra outstanding gravitational waves. These space-time ripples have been first straight detected in 2015, however since then, scientists have been getting higher at recognizing the waves as they lap at our cosmic shores. Now, new calculations revealed Dec. 5 to the preprint database arXiv recommend that the U.S.-based Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) can look past typical sources for these space-time ripples. Colossal alien spacecraft touring at excessive speeds, or pushed alongside by warp drives, would additionally produce the telltale vibrations, the authors stated. 

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