Opinion | Assume America is a ‘Christian nation’? George Washington didn’t.

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On the White Home’s Hanukkah celebration Monday evening, President Biden attested to the “permanence” of the Jewish folks in america. As did previous presidents, he welcomed the vacation that seeks to “re-create the surprise of the Maccabees and the oil with a blessing that remembers the miracles carried out each within the days of previous and at the moment.”

However he didn’t ignore the cloud of antisemitism hanging over the joyous vacation season.

“I acknowledge your worry, your damage, your fear that this vile and venom is turning into too regular,” Biden mentioned. He added, “Silence is complicity. We should not stay silent. … At present, we should all say clearly and forcefully: Antisemitism and all types of hate and violence on this nation can don’t have any protected harbor in America. Interval.”

Biden’s remarks provoke an fascinating line of inquiry: Simply how “everlasting” a house will we Jews have in america? How related to the American story are we? Right here, historical past enlightens.

The Jewish group in america is as previous as its democracy. In August 1790, George Washington despatched a letter to the Hebrew Congregation in Newport, R.I., thanking them for his or her nicely needs.

He wrote: “The Residents of america of America have a proper to applaud themselves for having given to mankind examples of an enlarged and liberal coverage — a coverage worthy of imitation. All possess alike liberty of conscience and immunities of citizenship.” He added, “It’s now no extra that toleration is spoken of as if it had been the indulgence of 1 class of people who one other loved the train of their inherent pure rights, for, fortunately, the Authorities of america, which provides to bigotry no sanction, to persecution no help, requires solely that they who dwell underneath its safety ought to demean themselves pretty much as good residents in giving it on all events their effectual help.”

To a folks lengthy denied citizenship within the Previous World, saved as a folks other than Christian neighbors, Washington was explaining one thing fairly revolutionary: The USA doesn’t merely forbear Jews; Jews are a part of america. Because the Touro Synagogue in Newport explains on its web site: “The letter reassured those that had fled non secular tyranny that life within the new nation could be totally different, that non secular ‘toleration’ would give solution to non secular liberty, and that the federal government wouldn’t intrude with people in issues of conscience and perception.”

From the beginning, protection of spiritual liberty and rejection of state-established faith had been two sides of the identical coin. Collectively, they allowed not solely reduction from sectarian strife but in addition fellowship amongst all People. With out faith as a defining function of citizenship, pluralism and comity had been doable.

Those that view america as a “White Christian nation” would do nicely to ponder Washington’s letter. Its closing passage, which speaks in phrases acquainted to the folks of the Torah, stands as an eloquent rebuke to that notion: “Might the youngsters of the inventory of Abraham who dwell on this land proceed to benefit and benefit from the good will of the opposite inhabitants — whereas each one shall sit in security underneath his personal vine and fig tree and there shall be none to make him afraid.”

Washington was absolutely conscious of historical prejudices in opposition to Jews, however right here he declared that america was totally different. Each American has their very own vine and fig tree — their very own religion and their very own highway to the pursuit of happiness. He concluded, “Might the daddy of all mercies scatter gentle, and never darkness, upon our paths, and make us all in our a number of vocations helpful right here, and in His personal due time and approach everlastingly pleased.”

The Founding Fathers are sometimes criticized (or excused) on issues of race and gender as males trapped within the blinkered imaginative and prescient of the previous. However on this case, probably the most esteemed American of his time plainly noticed past the frequent prejudices of his period. For that cause, he earned a particular place within the hearts of American Jews.

It was no small factor to be included within the American household underneath the safety of the rule of legislation. Jews stay as central to the American experiment as every other group of People. That’s not a Hanukkah miracle; it’s a consequence of Washington’s knowledge, of the First Modification and of People’ enduring perception in “we the folks.” We Jews will stay a part of the American expertise as long as People of no matter religion or no religion heed Washington’s admonition.

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