San Bernadino Desires to Secede from California. We Want MUCH Extra of This

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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

San Bernadino County, California – the Berdoo of a lot fame – voted in November to create a “research” about seceding from the far-left state. 

It’s one thing we’d like a lot, far more of if we’re to revive the rules, and even fundamental functioning, of a consultant Republic.

Secession has clearly been branded a scarlet letter because of America’s distinctive historical past.

However as many others have clearly acknowledged – like America’s best President, Thomas Jefferson – secession is a good American precept, and one that’s desperately wanted in the present day on a big scale. 

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County Imperialism

As many People are lastly coming to understand, their consultant Republic is damaged. 

Check out any Presidential electoral map for not less than the final 20 years, however change the settings to take a look at county-level outcomes. As individuals helpfully identified after seeing such a map of the 2016 election, the divide in America is brightly drawn:

Screenshot: New York Instances

As anybody can clearly see, a relative tiny variety of counties that host America’s mega-cities are nearly singularly liable for Democrat votes. Therein lies the issue. 

However that national-level drawback isn’t my focus right here, as absurd as the concept is that everything of America, from Iowa farmers to Texas ranchers to “upstate” New Yorkers, must be beholden to the whims of the far-left denizens of Los Angeles County and New York Metropolis. 

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Micro-Secession, And Heaps Of It

Because the Berdoo instance exhibits, the imperialism of far-left mega-cities impacts states simply as significantly because the nation as a complete. 

Many states must take care of this drawback. Just some examples:

  • All the state of New York is dominated by New York Metropolis
  • The state of California is basically dominated by Los Angeles County. Throw in San Fran, and it’s over for the remainder of the state
  • All the state of Maryland is beholden to Baltimore
  • Florida is domin- simply kidding, they’re free now
  • Illinois is dominated by Chicago and Prepare dinner County
  • Wisconsin is dominated by Milwaukee and the Individuals’s Republic of Madison
  • Virginia is more and more dominated by Northern Virginia, dwelling of mega-rich protection contractors and authorities bureaucrats. (Let me inform you, I’ve seen few examples that higher showcase how diametrically opposed residents of a single state may be than Arlington vs. for instance, Albemarle County.)

Beginning to get the image? 

For anybody who has traveled this nice land, they shortly understand that Illinoisans have little or no in frequent with Chicago. Western Marylanders couldn’t be extra totally different than Baltimoreans. 

Simply go forward and ask a Wisconsinite what they consider the weird communist fiefdom of “Madistan.” 

The purpose is, even on the a lot smaller state degree, huge swaths of persons are being dominated by mega-cities which are full of individuals who usually outright hate them and all their values. 

Ask your self: What does a literal Madison communist who lives in a literal commune have in frequent with a farmer or carpenter who lives in Manitowoc County? 

The reply is nothing. Nothing in any respect, besides that they each stay underneath the State authorities of Wisconsin. As a result of simply two cities are full of so many Democrats that they’ll usually outvote the remainder of the state, the Manitowoc farmer lives underneath the heel of people that hate his guts. 

That is no option to stay. 

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The reply is fairly apparent, and it’s additionally the ethical alternative. There isn’t any good cause for individuals to take abuse from what quantities to far-away foreigners. (Sure, the cultural divide can certainly be that nice.)

Illinois ought to power Prepare dinner County to turn out to be its personal state or, failing that, the remainder of the counties ought to secede and make New Illinois. That method, individuals in Shelby County don’t must stay underneath the corrupt, dictatorial thumb of Chicagoans. 

Chicago is then free to run their very own communist utopia – however they don’t have the power to power it on the remainder of the state and the individuals who have diametrically opposed views. They’ll pay for their very own cartoonishly-bankrupt pension system, and Fulton Farmer Francis isn’t saddled with Mayor Beetlejuice’s outrageous thievery.

Apply that logic to all of the conditions above. It’s merely immoral to power Berdoo residents to stay underneath the thumb of Los Angeles and San Francisco in the event that they don’t need to. They don’t have any significant illustration on the state or nationwide degree underneath the present system. 

In brief, we’d like many extra states. Freedom of Affiliation is a bedrock American precept. Honest illustration was the entire level. The person in Shawano County, Wisconsin should stay underneath his personal values, not these of Berkeley-East. 

This state of affairs additionally dilutes the outrageously out-sized affect on the nationwide degree the few darkish blue counties have on the Electoral School. 

Alternatively, we may proceed on as we now have, and proceed to be dominated by individuals who hate us. 

Looks like a straightforward option to this author. 

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