Star Wars: 8 Finest Quotes From Bail Organa

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Following the Andor season 1, followers will be capable to return to a galaxy far, far-off fairly quickly because the second season of The Dangerous Batch is premiering on Disney+ on January 4th, 2023. The sequence will reunite audiences with Clone Power 99 and Omega within the years after Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. Excitingly, they’re going to be joined by beloved acquainted faces together with Captain Rex, Commander Cody, Emperor Palpatine, Wookie Padawan Gungi, and Senator Bail Organa. The latter, particularly, has been showing in an increasing number of Star Wars releases.

Launched in Assault of the Clones, performed by Jimmy Smits, Bail Organa of Alderaan has since appeared in a number of different movies and television reveals. From being a father to Princess Leia to a founding member of the Insurgent Alliance, Bail Organa is a crucial supporting character all through Star Wars. Throughout his varied appearances, he’s gotten to say some really inspiring and insightful issues, so listed below are his highest quotes up to now.


8/8 “The Easiest Gesture Of Kindness Can Fill A Galaxy With Hope.”

Rebels – “Droids In Misery” (S1, E3)

Bail Organa & R2-D2 in Rebels

Bail Organa is likely one of the most trustworthy and purely morally good characters within the Star Warfare franchise. He’s been a comparatively auxiliary character utilized so as to add a enjoyable cameo from time to time, so when he does seem it’s often a one-note gig with out the necessity for an excessive amount of emotional baggage. Nonetheless, as a perpetual image of hope for freedom, Bail has stated a few of the most purely good issues.

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On this Rebels episode, Ezra Bridger and the Ghost Crew had been on their very own mission once they occurred to cross paths with the icons which can be R2-D2 and C-3PO, themselves on their very own mission for Bail. The Ghost Crew then took it upon themselves to return wayward droids to Bail – though they didn’t be taught who he’s or his function until the season’s finish – and stated this to them. It’s a traditional assertion from a personality like Bail Organa, one thing to suggest his curiosity in really serving to the galaxy and restoring hope and peace.

7/8 “There Are Many Methods To Lead. You Simply Have To Discover Yours.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Half 1 (S1, E1)

Bail Organa & Young Leia in Obi-Wan Kenobi

When Obi-Wan Kenobi first premiered, most viewers had been anticipating a story concerning the legendary Jedi knight defending younger Luke, in order that they weren’t anticipating his sister, Leia, to be a central determine as an alternative. Leia had some incredible quotes in Obi-Wan Kenobi too, however a refined spotlight is available in her conversations along with her father right here. Not solely does she look as much as him, though she already needs to strike out on her personal, however he’s additionally impressed by her.

Admittedly, Bail does put inordinate strain on younger Leia – considerably logical since she is a Princess and daughter of a Galactic Senator, and he doesn’t need her to prove like her Anakin. Regardless of the life he thinks she ought to comply with, this second has his observe that it’s nonetheless her life to guide. He sees nice issues on the horizon for her even when she doesn’t but.

6/8 “I Would Belief Her With My Life.”

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Jimmy Smits as Bail Organa in Rogue One.

Whereas Bail had lived on as a reasonably constant supporting character in animation following Revenge of the Sith, it was however nonetheless fairly thrilling to see Jimmy Smits again in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In fact, he was one of many leaders of the Insurgent Alliance along with his longtime pal, Mon Mothma. Now, followers are logically anticipating him to look in season two of Andor season 2 in an analogous capability – for a fast scene right here or there and a enjoyable line like this.

On the floor, this line reads as Bail trusting Leia wholeheartedly. Nonetheless, looking back, what Bail says does have a tragic undertone. In A New Hope, Leia will watch because the Dying Star destroys Alderaan, Bail included. Whereas it price him his life, his belief in her was by no means misplaced. She didn’t hand over the Insurgent Alliance, permitting the combat her father began to proceed.

5/8 “…We Can’t Lose Perspective On The Worth Of Life And The Worth Of Freedom.”

The Clone Wars – “Murderer” (S3, E7)

Bail Organa In The Clone Wars

In The Clone Wars, Bail was usually seen alongside Padmé Amidala as a part of her storylines, usually with Mon Mothma too. Coincidentally, meaning quite a lot of what he mentioned was political and greatest serve and defend the galaxy’s inhabitants. With Padmé and Mon Mothma, Bail opposed the continued battle, hoping to seek out civil methods to peace and prosperity.

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This quote is an ideal encapsulation of how Bail thinks. He’s notably selfless, wanting to guard life and preserve freedom for all. This all comes throughout an arc by which the bounty hunter, Aurra Sing is attempting to homicide Padmé. Regardless of the hazard he was surrounded with, his first ideas are concerning the security of others.

4/8 “My Spouse And I Will Take The Woman…She Will Be Beloved With Us.”

Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith

Bail and Beha Organa holding young Leia in Revenge of the Sith.

When he was first launched in Assault of the Clones and audiences heard his final identify, Organa, most shortly put two-and-two collectively and realized who he would grow to be. That realization lastly solidified in Revenge of the Sith when he took child Leia again to Alderaan. It’s by far probably the most pivotal and consequential moments in all of Star Wars, nevertheless it has extra depth if one is conscious of Bail and his spouse’s backstory.

It would shock some that Bail Organa, took up the identify upon marrying Queen Breha Organa, who within the Alderaanian custom needed to declare her proper to rule. Through the trials, she suffered a tragic fall and almost died, although she proved her dedication for her planet and folks by doing so. Nonetheless, it implies that her well being was tragically impacted, and she or he may now not bear a baby. As such, when the proper alternative arose to not solely defend an harmless child however give himself and his spouse what they’ve lengthy desired – a baby – Bail didn’t hesitate to pursue it.

3/8 “There Is No One I Belief Extra With My Baby Than You.”

Obi-Wan Kenobi – Half 1 (S1, E1)


Younger Leia Organa serves as a sort-of MacGuffin all through Obi-Wan Kenobi when Bail Organa implores him to seek out her. Their relationship was by no means actually explored up till this level, nevertheless it’s been implied that given their constant proximity all through The Clone Wars, they’d struck up a cordial and mutual belief.

RELATED: Star Wars: 10 Finest Lightsaber Duels In The Animated SequenceIn fact, this second harkens again to Leia’s “Assist me Obi-Wan, you’re my solely hope.” in a means as he says Obi-Wan is the one one who may assist him on this scenario. Moreover, this second showcases how even after almost a decade of no communication, Bail hadn’t misplaced religion in his outdated pal or the mission they agreed to.

2/8 “Nonetheless We Have A Obligation. Do not We?”

Tales Of The Jedi – “Resolve” (S1, E6)

Bail Organa In Tales Of The Jedi

Bail Organa was instrumental not solely within the formation and unification of the Insurgent Alliance but in addition within the recruitment of many necessary Star Wars characters. As proven within the closing episode of Tales of the Jedi – though hopefully, not the precise closing episode as different Jedi need to have their story instructed – Bail reunites with Ahsoka Tano at Padmé’s funeral.

Their dialog is shortly interrupted by the arrival of some Clone Troopers, although he nonetheless cleverly manages to do what he does greatest, encourage. This isn’t the second whereby he outright recruits Ahsoka to the Insurgent Alliance as Fulcrum, however right here he ignites a small spark inside her, the spark that can later burn boldly following her run-in with the Inquisitor.

1/8 “Do Not Let Them Endure As a result of Warfare Got here To Them.”

The Clone Wars – “Provide Traces” (S3, E3)

Bail Organa in The Clone Wars

Bail is commonly a supply of real compassion and kindness with out contingencies, comparatively uncommon issues in Star Wars. Regardless that he works to keep up the Republic, he doesn’t share the animosity others have for the Separatists, slightly he needs what’s greatest for them. He doesn’t help the battle and desires to guard innocents from its contact, no matter what aspect of the divide they occur to be caught on.

On this second, Bail Organa is attempting to realize help for the planet Ryloth – house of the Twi’leks like Hera Syndulla – by touring to Toydaria, a impartial planet. He satisfied the King by interesting to his conscience and hope for peace. If solely different characters had been as receptive to Bail Organa’s phrases and good work, the galaxy wouldn’t have been plunged into chaos and darkness.

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