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Hyperbaric oxygen remedy (HBOT) is an more and more in style medical remedy that provides a variety of potential advantages. Whereas it’s mostly related to treating wound therapeutic and serving to divers get better from decompression illness, HBOT has additionally been proven to be efficient in treating circumstances like autism, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer’s illness.

On this weblog put up, we’ll discover the potential advantages of HBOT and the way this distinctive remedy will help enhance your well being.

What’s HBOT?

Hyperbaric oxygen remedy, or HBOT, is a remedy that delivers pure oxygen to a affected person in a pressurized room or chamber. The elevated stress permits the oxygen to permeate tissues and organs which might be usually past the attain of blood circulation.

HBOT was initially developed to deal with divers who had been affected by decompression illness, often known as “the bends.” Nonetheless, analysis has proven that HBOT will be useful for a lot of different circumstances and ailments as nicely similar to stroke, mind harm, coma, fuel gangrene, and necrotizing fasciitis.

Advantages of HBOT

There are a variety of potential advantages related to HBOT, together with:

1. Regenerate tissue

The additional oxygen in your physique can facilitate the physique’s capability to supply new tissue and new blood vessels. That is useful for each folks with accidents and broken areas in addition to serving to people who find themselves going through the results of the ageing course of.


HBOT is well-known in hospitals and wound care centres to reinforce pores and skin collagen and tissue regeneration. There are 2 physiological results that occur to assist this.

  • Fibroblast activation – Fibroblasts are the cells which might be answerable for producing and inserting collagen down in your pores and skin, HBOT stimulates this manufacturing serving to the physique to heal wounds sooner.
  • Stem cell mobilization – HBOT stimulates the bone marrow to supply extra stem cells, these stem cells are then circulated across the physique within the bloodstream to the place they’re required to help the physique and the extra that the physique has the sooner and extra effectively the physique can get better.

New Blood Vessels

One other superb advantage of hyperbaric remedy is to assist the physique create new blood vessels. The brand new blood vessels will assist to maintain your full circulatory system working effectively serving to you get better from illness and sickness, and passing vitamins across the physique to assist broken and outdated areas restore. HBOT helps the physique create new blood vessels within the following mechanisms

  • Angiogenesis – That is the traditional course of that the physique goes via when it recognises that it’s required to restore and produce new capillaries and blood vessels within the physique. The set off for the physique to do that is low oxygen signalling referred to as “hypoxic signalling”. The addition of hyperbaric oxygen remedy helps the physique’s capability to develop new blood vessels in areas the place there’s poor circulation limiting oxygen to areas of the physique.
  • Vasculogenesis – That is when the physique builds blood vessels mainly from scratch (‘De Novo’ in medical phrases). HBOT does this by stimulating the physique’s bone marrow to develop new stem cells, that produce blood vessel cells. These are then despatched to areas which have normally had extreme harm similar to a crush harm on a knee when a motorcyclist’s bike lands on them throughout an accident. As a result of severity of the harm, the physique recognises that it’s extra environment friendly to construct new blood vessels from scratch. In some trials, an 800% enhance in stem cell mobilization has been seen.

2. Enhance power ranges and enhance tissue operate

The human physique is made up of over 65% oxygen and is extraordinarily energetic requiring a continuing stream of oxygen to the physique to make sure it might probably generate sufficient mobile power (referred to as ATP) for all of its metabolic wants.

Oxygen has a direct correlation to the quantity of mobile power you may launch the extra oxygen you’ve gotten the extra power you may launch.

HBOT Hyperbaric Oxygen Remedy gives the physique with an extra-large dose of oxygen in a single go permitting the physique to utilise the additional oxygen to facilitate the extra manufacturing of ATP inside our metabolically lively cells.

As we become older our arteries will naturally harden and slender inflicting the amount of oxygen to lower as we age. This lower in oxygen has penalties, each in decrease power ranges typically in addition to the discount in pace of therapeutic and recovering from sickness and harm.

Along with this, the physique usually will enhance the variety of websites the place power will be produced (mitochondria) permitting it to extend the mitochondrial biogenesis and thus additional the manufacturing of cells to generate ATP.

3. Cut back irritation and Swelling


Whenever you injure your self with an acute physique tissue harm the physique’s pure response is for the blood vessels to turn out to be leaky in order that white blood cells can switch via to combat an infection and clear up any physique particles attributable to the harm.

When this occurs the fluid within the blood additionally makes its method into the tissue inflicting swelling which in flip impedes the oxygen attempting to get to the broken space of tissue. Put up HBOT the excessive oxygen focus ranges within the blood trigger the blood vessels heading to the broken space to limit. This implies swelling is diminished and the broken space could have excessive ranges of oxygen and might due to this fact restore sooner.


One of many key useful results famous from HBOT is that it reduces each irritation in addition to related markers with irritation. Lengthy-term irritation and irritation markers have been proven to detrimentally harm tissues within the physique.

HBOT has been proven to scale back each Acute and Continual Irritation. It is because Oxygenation of your blood in a high-pressure atmosphere reduces inflammatory markers similar to C-Reactive Protein (CRP) and IL6. By lowering irritation the physique is ready to heal and restore sooner and extra effectively.

Total, HBOT has an a variety of benefits for the physique, together with bettering power ranges, lowering irritation and swelling, and selling sooner therapeutic and restoration from sickness or harm. Whether or not you wish to enhance your general well being, scale back signs of persistent illness, or get better extra rapidly from an harm or sickness, HBOT could also be best for you.

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